The Mosaic Academy

The Mosaic Academy is a social project run by Mosaic Art Studio Norway and funded by the Greig Foundation.

Project Describtion

The Mosaic Academy is a project that aims to help young people and children stand up against discrimination and create mutual tolerance for different cultures through an artistic and socio-cultural activity.

This project includes offering free workshop opportunities to children from disadvantaged groups, families with difficult access to social-cultural and artistic activities.

Mosaic Art Studio Norway is a social enterprise established to promote intercultural dialogue and understanding by offering art and socio-cultural experiences.

The Mosaic Academy project will be carried out by Mosaic Art Studio Norway, and financed by the Grieg Foundation.

This project includes children aged 11-18. Children who wish to participate with their parents can participate.

Who will benefit from this project?

  • Children and young people between 11-18 years of age.
  • Children from disadvantaged families who do not have access to art and artistic activities have a low economic income.
  • Children of immigrant and refugee families.
  • Children from low-income families.
  • Young people who need artistic activity during the rehabilitation phase.
  • Children and young people who have difficulties with social interaction after corona and cannot find the opportunity.
  • Children from disadvantaged groups.
  • Children and young people who live around Bergen and Western Norway.
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